During one lazy Sunday afternoon, Mr. A and I got a little bit hungry and we wanted to go out and grab something to eat but couldn’t decide where exactly to go. Then, I remembered a few of my co-bloggers who uploaded photos of the food that they have tried at MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO during its grand launching and I immediately suggested the place to Mr. A. Both of us turned off our imaginary lazy buttons off and got ourselves inside our car.


Okay this wasn’t exactly the first time we tried MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO as we dined a few times at their previous MUNCHTOWN DINER in SM Lanang branch way before. When it closed down, I was definitely one of the many who were totally sad about it. Boy was I really happy when I found out that they are back at another location.


MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO has both an outdoor and indoor eating area. The outdoor area can accommodate around 20 to 30 people at a time based on my amateur estimation. I’m guessing that the place is inspired by DINERS in America that serve inexpensive yet delicious meals and where groups come together to hang out.
View of Torres Street from the outdoor area. We were there on a Sunday and were the only people during that time. But after we left, a couple was about to enter the restaurant.
MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO‘s indoor area which is airconditioned and can accommodate more or less 20 people (again, based on my amateur estimation). This area is great for small private gatherings which, I think, can be arranged with the management.


Our intention in going there was just for merienda, but after getting a glimpse of their menu, we actually got more than what we planned on getting.

MUNCHTOWN FRIES (Php 130) – salted fries topped with bacon bits, cheese sauce, a bit of greens (I don’t know what exactly it’s called) and a bit of mayonnaise. This serving is already good for two people. The fries, even without the toppers, was already flavorful for me. So what more with all of these together, right? No wonder this is one of their best sellers. It’s really good.
L-R: Chicken Breast with Bell Pepper (Php 28), Cheesy Chicken Meatballs (Php 28 for 3 pieces) and Bacon Wrapped Quail Egg (Php 40) – we decided to order just this three instead of the platter that MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO also serves because we were sure that we couldn’t finish the platter all by ourselves. These three, by far, taste really good. Although I didn’t expect the meatballs to be that small but nevertheless, it’s still not bad though – 3 pcs for 28 pesos.
NAKED DOG (Php 60) – this is what I ordered for myself. I wanted to see if the hotdog, without any toppings, will still taste good. Upon first bite, I found the hotdog a bit hard to chew but I got the hang of it later on. This hotdog is best paired with tomato ketchup. Eating this alone during the first few bites without the ketchup wasn’t really impressing my taste buds. So yeah for me, this one needs the ketchup or needs additional condiments.
CHILI & CHEESE DOG (Php 85) – this is Mr. A’s order and I also got to try this one out as well. To be honest, I like this better than the Naked Dog. Just look at all that Chili and Cheese. Those two plus the hotdog go great together. I am getting this one for myself next time too. Sorry Mr. A if I was able to finish half of this one. *ha ha*
FRESH WATERMELON LEMONADE (Php 50) – this was recommended by Ate Ria of so I ordered it because she said it was good. I have to give this one props because it is very delicious and refreshing – just the perfect drink for a humid afternoon (we were, after all, eating outside).
SALTED CARAMEL MILKSHAKE (Php 98) – I ordered this one because this was my favorite drink at MUNCHTOWN DINER at their SM Lanang Premier branch. This is the reason why I was really sad when they closed down because I thought I will never get a taste of their almost perfect SALTED CARAMEL MILKSHAKE again. Now that they are back, I wanted to see if the SALTED CARAMEL MILKSHAKE still had the same taste that I missed. And would you believe that it’s a big YES! When I tasted the milkshake, it was exactly the taste I was looking for, the taste that I was very familiar with and the taste that I missed about MUNCHTOWN DINER. Gone in figuratively 60 seconds (mmm… okay, probably after three minutes but who’s counting, eh?). I wanted to get another glass of this one that very same day but I had to watch my sugar levels. So yeah, definitely getting this one again next time.


Judging from the prices shown on the menu, their food and drinks are already very affordable. For an American inspired diner, these prices are already great.

Dear Munchtown Diner in the form of the new and improved MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO, thank you for coming back. I really missed you BIG TIME! Can’t wait to try your sliders (mini burgers) next time. I hope they also taste as good as the ones you served at your SM Lanang Premier branch before.


MUNCHTOWN GRILL DAVAO is located at Torres Street, Davao City right beside CAFE DEMITASSE. They are open every Tuesdays to Sundays (Closed on Mondays) from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.


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