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While Mr. A and I were slowly preparing ourselves for an event one Saturday afternoon, his grandmother suddenly knocked on the door and asked where to eat for lunch. Mr. A’s cousins from Manila were visiting and they were to leave the next day. It was just proper to give them a send off lunch. Since the event we were attending was at Cafe Demitasse, I immediately suggested the place for two reasons: 1.) We don’t have to hurry up and finish lunch because we were already at the venue and 2.) I have always loved the food that Cafe Demitasse serves. So it was settled then: The family was off to Cafe Demitasse for lunch.

Before arriving at Cafe Demitasse, I already had a few orders in mind. I am already quite familiar with the food there because whenever there were small functions in our office or my friends had mini reunions or bridal/baby showers, most of those were held at Cafe Demitasse thanks to their very friendly packages (they have different functions rooms of different sizes for that one. Plus, the price is consumable). When we got there and I got hold of the menu, all the orders I had in mind went ka-poof! Why? Well, I guess I could say that I just wanted to try something else aside from my usual orders.

So for that particular Saturday, I ordered NACHOS for the whole family to try, and CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD for myself.

NACHOS (Php 215) – while waiting for our main courses, I ordered Nachos for the family to start nibbling on. I have tried their Nachos before during functions but never on a single order basis. I was quite surprised when we received the bowl of Nachos because it was already enough to feed all of us (We were a party of 7: 5 adults, 1 kid and 1 baby). Although the amount of meat and cheese was not enough to partner up with all the nacho chips present in the bowl, it was still okay to eat each chip without anything on it just like any regular chip. For only 215 pesos, the Nachos did not disappoint at all.
CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD (Php 195) – okay so I bet you might be judging me right now especially if you know me personally. I mean come on, SALAD?! Sorry guys but I just wasn’t in the mood to eat rice that day and I wanted to eat some vegetables. Mr. A’s grandmother would usually tell me that I don’t eat that much greens so that was the perfect time and place to show her that I really am eating vegetables. Ha ha! Anyway, same with the Nachos, I was also surprised when the waiter served this to me. Like literally it was a bowl full of veggies. Even the amount of chopped chicken meat was plenty. The sauce used tasted something like soy with peanut butter which I found very unique yet something I want to taste over and over again. It also had a bit of thin chips that are mixed together with the veggies which is also a nice addition to the salad, giving the consumer a break from eating straight greens. I honestly had a hard time finishing the whole meal even if I already shared with my companions. This costs 195 pesos but for the amount of servings and with the chicken content, I can say that it is definitely worth it.
SATURDATE WITH THE FAMILY| Mr. A’s cousins also loved their individuals orders. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of each plate because we were already HANGRY. Lol! But yeah, good food from Cafe Demitasse as always. Can’t wait to go back soon for another date, just the two of us this time *wink*

CAFE DEMITASSE is located at 727 F. Torres Street right beside Munch Town Diner. Their contact number (based on Google) is 082 282 2828.



  1. Haven’t tried the Chicken Salad yet but it sounds interesting. Will try that next time.

    And yes, the Demitasse Nachos Platter is a good pica-pica option. Onions on the side lang for me. 😁

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