I discovered this snack a couple of years ago while I was shopping at SM City Davao, Ecoland. People were lining up at Taco Boy’s small stall so I became very curious and lined up as well. When it was my turn to buy, I told the lady that I’ll get what they all were having. She laughed and gave me a fried taco and paid her 15 pesos.

Fried Taco at TACO BOY

Thanks to my curiosity a couple of years back, I have included the fried taco in my FAVORITE FOOD list. Back then it was only 15 pesos. Then last year it became 17 pesos. Now it’s already 20 pesos. But despite the price increase, I’m still a sucker for this Mexican type of food. And why not? For only 20 pesos, I get a snack that is inexpensive and more than your money’s worth. Like really, it’s just MUY DELICIOSO!

What’s inside the Fried Taco: Basically there’s a combination of loads of beef fillings with a generous amount of cheese and vegetables. Some say that the cheese content of the fried taco is not enough but for me, it already is. If they are willing to pay more than 20 pesos for this fried taco then that’s the time they can demand. But this fried taco as is, is already close to perfect for me. Oh, and I think the sauce is another big factor as to why I love this Mexican snack. I honestly can’t explain how the sauce tastes like (aside from it being a bit spicy) but then again, I can safely conclude that there might be a little bit of magic as ingredient in there. The fried taco is actually thick in size and shape so one taco can already make one person full. Errr, still depends on how the person is though. Ha ha!

Apparently, I am not the only one who has a love affair for Taco Boy’s Fried Taco. When Mr. A and I started dating, this was one of our go-to budget snacks during weekend dates. And why not? This fried taco is best enjoyed with a loved one as well. Hmmm.. meant to be? I’d say YES!

Want to know a little secret? I once finished four fried tacos in just one sitting. Lol! I was that hungry! But please, don’t judge. It is really delicious after all.


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