PYRO has been around for a while in Davao’s Food Scene but after a few days of closure from the public due to renovation, they are back and finally re-opened last July 21, 2017. A few of my blogger friends and I were invited to check out what’s new on their menu.

These are what we had during our quick lunch rendezvous.

OCTOPUS SALAD (Php 180) – this is composed of chopped octopus meat with sesame ginger vinaigrette, mango relish and crispy kamote. I have to say that what made this dish really delicious was the vinaigrette. The sauce was definitely that one that made the combination of all unique ingredients more flavorful. Upon my first bite, I was a bit shocked with the crispy kamote as it was, from the word itself, crispy and differed from the textures of the other ingredients. Since I was eating salad where ingredients were soft by nature, I was a bit stunned with the presence of something crispy and hard. But I got used to it and enjoyed munching it together with the rest of the salad.
LONGGANISA SCOTCH QUAIL EGG – the sauce has serbesa (beer) in it which makes the meal experience more interesting.
SHRIMP & ALIGUE PASTA (Php 210) – this has got to be my favorite among all the food that we ate. I normally don’t like seafood pasta but thanks to the sauce, I was sold right away. Even just by eating a small serving of this one made me a bit full already. It’s yummy and a bit heavy for the tummy.
THAI SHRIMP KEBABS (Php 190) – three sticks containing shrimp, pineapple and red bell pepper. Who would have thought that pineapple and shrimp was a good combination.
The Thai Shrimp Kebabs are also served with salad on the side.
photo by Ate Ria Jose
PYRO FRIED CHICKEN BASKET (Php 320) – the basket contains five pieces of brined chicken (basically half a chicken) that has a secret flavor, coated with buttermilk and deep fried to perfection. This is served with sesame slaw and pickled veggies. Upon first taste, I can sense a familiar Asian taste but I can’t pinpoint exactly from what country or what type of cuisine. I guess that is the great thing about keeping the flavor a secret because it makes this one truly unique.
STICKY HOISIN RIBS (Php 300) – four pieces of pork ribs that are braised in various Asian flavors and finished on the grill for a bit of added smoky flavor. This is paired with Atsuete Rice and Chili Garlic Tzatziki Sauce. What I like about this one is that the ribs contain more meat unlike other ribs I have tried that has more bone, less meat which makes the experience unlikable. This one just has the right amount of meat in each rib.
PHILLY BULGOGI CHEESE STEAK (Php 220) – I’m a fan of Korean meat and cheese. So when combined, then just take my money! When this was served on our table, I expected that I would like this one. I was wrong, because I LOVE IT! Oh and don’t even get me started on the fries. The barbecue flavored fries was the perfect side for this Korean inspired sandwich. Even if I’m a huge fan, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this one all by myself so I guess this is also good for sharing.
ICE CREAM PLATTER (Php 320) – the four flavors that we got were Spiced Kalabasa, Thai Milk Tea, Butterbeer and Criollo Mestizo. Out of the four flavors, my two favorites would be the Thai Milk Tea and the Criollo Mestizo. Just like what I told my fellow blogger friends – “I just tasted a piece of heaven”. I love Thai Milk Tea and eating that ice cream reminded me of me and Mr. A’s Thai Escapade way back 2014. I think their Milk Tea has some kind of magic because IT’S SO GOOD! As for the Criollo Mestizo, Davao Cacao is just the way to go. Need I say more? For those who want to eat chocolate but don’t want it too sweet, this is the perfect type of chocolate for them. Each flavor costs Php 85 but if four flavors are ordered as an Ice Cream Platter, that only retails for Php 320 – a Php 20 savings.

Looks like Mr. A and I have another restaurant to add to our date night list. See you again soon, PYRO!

quick lunch rendezvous with these awesome guys! Photo by John Llamas

PYRO is located at Door 5 Mabini Commercial Complex just beside Sunahama and near Stockbridge International School. They are open daily from 11 am to 9pm.

How to get there by commuting? You can alight at Penongs, Quirino and from a small street beside it, just walk straight (around a 3 minute walk) until you reach Mabini Commercial Complex. From those coming from Davao Doctors Hospital and Bajada area (Davao Wisdom Academy, Torres), just ride a tricycle going there and tell the driver to drop you off at Mabini Complex. Most of them know where it is.

You can also check out their Facebook page HERE.


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