Mr. A and I went to Manila two weeks ago but we were not able to book the same flight. My flight left Davao City an hour before his so I when I arrived in Manila, I had to wait for him for around 2 hours. After I got my bags and said my goodbyes to my friends who happen to be on the same flight as I was, I found myself walking towards the elevator area. The original plan was to go to a coffee shop on the third floor and just lounge around there while waiting for the husband but even before I reached the elevator, I found this very small cafe just beside Wendy’s on the ground floor of NAIA Terminal 3.

Enter ILLY


I did not notice this Italian coffee roasting cafe before so I decided to give it a try instead of going two floors up just to grab a drink. The place is small like it was just located at a small corner just beside Wendy’s and can accommodate around 5 people in their area (although I heard that ILLY customers can actually occupy Wendy’s tables and chairs) and I was lucky to grab a vacant chair.


I checked out their menu and they have pretty awesome selections. The one that caught my attention was the Iced White Chocolate. I’m a huge fan of Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha and I was actually craving for just anything that’s white chocolate and I wanted to compare the two.

Okay so let me put it this way, GONE IN 60 SECONDS! Like really, it was THAT GOOD! For 165 pesos, this was the highlight of my day. I mean, I was really lonely because Mr. A was not with me during the almost 2-hour flight but when I had this big cup of white goodness, I totally forgot about my husband for a sec! (haha just kidding, Mr. A!) It was really sweet (not for non-sweet toothies) but not to sweet to make blood sugar shoot up. The ice content was just enough to make the liquid cool. I was not able to try the drink mixed with the water from the melted ice because like I said “GONE IN 60 SECONDS” so I had to order a second one. Yes, it’s that good! I had twice the fun that night.

As for comparison versus Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha, this drink from ILLY is much lighter for me, which is a good thing. But both drinks are still different though so I was wrong about comparing the two in the first place.

Aside from their various drink selections, ILLY also serves bread and pastries. I wasn’t able to try any one of those though as I was already full from two cups of the Iced White Chocolate. Ha ha!


I just found myself a new spot in NAIA Terminal 3 or another favorite cafe outside of Davao City. The next time I visit Manila, I will make sure to grab another cup of Iced White Chocolate to enjoy at the backseat of my sister in law’s car while braving the traffic going to Quezon City.

Oh, and I hope ILLY opens in Davao soon. That would be fantastic!


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