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Xin Chao! (hey there!)

Vietnam is a country that has always been on my bucket list. Unfortunately, I have not yet found the time to visit this small yet culture-rich country because of me and my husband’s busy schedule at work.

VIETNAM, also known as the LAND OF THE BLUE DRAGON, is the easternmost country in the Indo-China Peninsula of South East Asia. The country is known for being one of the most populous countries in the whole world (with an estimated population of more than 90 million people) and have jaw-dropping landscapes that attract many foreign tourists all year round.

The history of Vietnam speaks of Japanese, French and American influence as depicted by numerous movies and known plays. With that being the case, it is no surprise that Vietnam’s culture, as well as its food, reflect their very colorful history.

I, personally, have been very curious with Vietnamese cuisine. But for somebody like me who can’t just go and visit a certain place in a jiff, it helps to have a few Vietnamese restaurants lying around in the city. One restaurant in particular that gave me a glimpse of what Vietnamese street food is like is none other than Davao’s very own VIET CAFE.


VIET CAFE is a modest sized restaurant that opened a few months back along Cervantes Street in Obrero. When I first heard of Viet Cafe, my husband and I immediately made plans to visit it on the following weekend.

Upon first visit, the place is honestly not like one of those well lit and fancy hole in the wall small restaurants. It can be likened to that of an eatery but for me it’s much cleaner and better in style. The place is small and has chairs and tables that can accommodate more or less 10 people at a time.

To be honest, finding the restaurant was a challenge at first, but one funny thing about it was that it is located like literally in front of my best friend’s house. Since then, locating Viet Cafe was never a problem anymore. Thanks to the outdoor setting of Viet Cafe, it gives a whiff of street food vibe without the need to travel and hang out along the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.


I haven’t tried every single thing in their menu yet but these are my favorites so far:

PHO (noodle soup) – this is made of rice noodles, beef and a few herbs. The mix of ingredients made the noodles flavorful and the taste was something new for me. For only Php 129 pesos, this was already big enough for two people (well in our case, that is). But if you are really hungry, then this is good for just one person.
BANH MI – this is a Vietnamese version of a baguette sandwich filled with roast red pork, Vietnamese ham, cucumber, cilantro (Chinese parsley), carrots and raddish topped with Viet Cafe’s very own special sauce. I found the Banh Mi, which costs Php 129, very juicy and very generous with servings as well. Now I partially understand why this is a favorite snack among Vietnamese teens (I read this somewhere on the internet). I believe this type of food is inspired by the French.
VIETNAMESE PIZZA (Bánh Tráng Nướng) – Would you believe that this only costs Php 79 pesos? Oh yes! For that amount, this pizza is composed of quail eggs, fried shallots (type of onion), scallion oil, ground pork, dried shrimp and cheese on top of grilled rice paper is so crunchy and good and also perfect for sharing. I mean come on, Php 79 pesos only? So affordable, right? Plus, it’s really delicious and perfect as an afternoon snack
VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE (ca phe sua da) –  a milky mix of premium coffee beans of Arabica and Robusta Vietnamese Coffee. My husband is a fan of iced coffee and this is probably one of his top ten favorite iced coffees as he found the flavor to be both energizing and refreshing. When I first tasted this, I found it quite strong probably because I’m not really a coffee drinker but despite that, I still found it delicious and with all fairness, it kept me up all night the first time I tried it. (not a bad thing though as I was able to write a few blogs during that time).
BAC XIU (Saigon Style Milk Coffee) – if you are my friend on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram, you would definitely notice me posting quite a lot about Bac Xiu. My officemates even call me the BAC XIU girl which I find quite funny. Why do I love Bac Xiu so much? Well, it’s because of the presence of so much milk. Its difference with the Ca Phe Sua Da is that it has more milk content and is very sweet and creamy. This is where me and Mr. A differ. He prefers lower dairy content. Me, on the other hand, love my coffee with loads of milk and cream (okay, I know its quite sinful but hey, YOLO!) Bac Xiu is composed of coffee, milk and condensed milk (see the milk overload there?) That is why I am such a fan of Bac Xiu. Let me just say this in Bisaya – AY GRABE KALAMI AS IN!

Aside from the food, the qualities of the staff and owners of Viet Cafe made a great impression on me. They are very friendly and approachable and aside from this, they remember their customers quite well. In my case, they know that my usual order is Bac Xiu. They also never fail to greet and send off their customers with a smile. So that’s definitely a plus for me when it comes to customer service.

Affordable prices, delicious food and equipped with friendly service, VIET CAFE is definitely one of the Metro’s most recommended places to chow at. And when the opportunity comes that I get to travel to Vietnam in the future, the food there won’t be a stranger to me anymore thanks to the pre-experience of the delicious food offerings at VIET CAFE.

VIET CAFE is located along Cervantes Generoso Street, Obrero, Davao City. It is open from 2 in the afternoon up until 10 in the evening, Mondays to Saturdays only. You can check out their Facebook page HERE.



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