“A what burger now?!” I guess you might have been caught off guard with the title of this post but yeah, you definitely read it right – OCTOPUS BURGER.

This is something one does not discover on a daily basis. But I happen to be one of the lucky ones whose office is literally less than 10 steps away from the establishment that serves Davao’s only Octopus Burger – DDJ KAINAN.


DDJ Kainan is not entirely a freshman when it comes to Davao’s food scene. The restaurant used to be situated at Aurora, Roxas Boulevard and recently moved into a much bigger location inside Aljem’s Inn, Rizal Street in Davao City just last June 8, 2017.

DDJ Kainan is owned by three business partners namely Donald Donor, Dennis Donor and Jake Balili (D-D-J). It is through the first letters of their names that the name of the restaurant was derived from.

The three of them decided on a black and white theme for DDJ Kainan as both are the safest colors that everybody of all ages can appreciate. These two colors are also considered classic colors as well.



The BLACK & WHITE color scheme is very evident
Another plus for me. There’s an aquarium below the counter table top. Did you know that watching fishes swim inside an aquarium actually reduces stress? This is definitely nice for the restaurant’s customers who are having a bad day.
DDJ Kainan is quite big and can accommodate around 25 – 30 people at once.


more of the BLACK & WHITE theme

In order to not make DDJ Kainan as “just another dining place in Davao”, the owners decided on a signature dish to capture the attention of the locals. Hence, the birth of the OCTOPUS BURGER.


depending on the season, the octopus burger, majority of the time, is made out of a huge squid’s head and body which is pretty much like the tentacles of an octopus. If there is one available, an actual octopus is used for this burger.

For only Php 175, this set is composed of either a huge squid’s head or a real octopus (depending on the season if there is an octopus), a patty made out of octopus meat, tomato, cheese, lettuce all sandwiched between two bamboo charcoal buns with the combination of fries and fried okra plus thousand island dressing on the side.

This is actually the 2nd time I have tried a burger with a charcoal bun. The last time I tried one was during our honeymoon in Bali. If you’re thinking that this bun might be carcinogenic, you’re wrong. This is made of bamboo charcoal and is indeed very safe and edible. It tastes just like any other regular bun.

The Fried Okra is a unique addition to the set as a side dish on top of the fries. When I first tasted the fried okra, I felt a bit weird afterwards. But after eating the second stick, I realized it was tasty after all. Not bad for a cooking twist for a vegetable.

Okay so honestly, I was a bit skeptical about eating an octopus burger or in this case, a burger with a huge squid head in it. But after that first bite, I was sold! I never imagined a burger made of seafood to be this flavorful. It may not be like the beef or chicken burgers that I am used to but it is definitely a must try. Seafood lovers, like yours truly, are in for a treat. For non-seafood lovers, this might just be the ultimate gateway to appreciate seafood on a different level.

Positive Points on the Octopus Burger:

  • very good presentation as it looks like an octopus even when squid is used.
  • very big serving
  • generous amount of squid head and cheese
  • healthier alternative for those who cannot eat beef or chicken burgers
  • Personal Realization: Cheese and Squid actually make a great partnership. Yum yum!
  • Fried Okra is very delicious and the perfect side dish for the Octopus Burger

Negative Points on the Octopus Burger:

  • one cannot simply eat it alone. doing so makes you realize that we need somebody else to eat it with in this world and the single life is not fun. LOL. Kidding aside, I don’t have anything negative to say about the Octopus Burger.

I am giving this Octopus Burger a thumbs up! Great job, DDJ Kainan. I have added this one to my list of Davao Food Favorites.

Another personal favorite of mine is DDJ Kainan’s very own Calamansi and Mint Drink.

For only Php 25, my thirst level versus the hot weather has gone from a 10 to a zero. This drink is the remedy to a very typically hot Davao day. Even Mr. A loves this drink.

The mint content is enough to make the drink refreshing, but does not overpower the flavor of the Calamansi. Both ingredients of this drink are fairly mixed.


The prices of DDJ Kainan are very affordable. The location they are currently in has a lot of business establishments, banks, schools, etc around. The prices are just perfect for the working class and even for students as well.


The DDJ partnership aims for DDJ Kainan to be a restaurant that serves breakfast in the morning (also catering to the guests of Aljem’s inn), an indoor karinderya during lunch time and a restobar at night time up to 11 in the evening. My office mates and I have already started buying our lunches from DDJ Kainan since they opened. One of my friends vouched on their carbonara, stating that it is really tasty and flavorful. Their barbecues using the Midsayap style of cooking (where the brother Donors are from) have no sauce but are a crowd favorite during lunch time.

Aside from the Octopus Burger, DDJ Kainan also serves SHRIMP Burgers. Another healthy alternative for those who are not allowed to eat beef or chicken and another favorite among seafood lovers.

Special Thanks to the owners D-D-J for being so friendly and for answering all my questions. 🙂


DDJ Kainan is located inside Aljem’s Inn, Rizal Street fronting Mandarin Tea Garden and just beside China Banking Corporation (Claveria Branch).

They are open from Mondays to Saturdays at 8 o’clock in the morning up to 11 o’clock in the evening.

You can check out their Facebook page HERE.



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