The month of March flew by so fast for me. I guess it’s because Mr. A and I have been both so busy with work, errands, other extra curricular activities. You know what they say, time flies when you are having fun – in our case, when very busy.

We never really had a real date in March because of conflicting schedules. That’s why I was so happy when we finally had time to go out on a friday. We had a verbal agreement to have dates during Friday nights which we coined as “FRIDATE”. On the last day of March (nakahabol pa), we decided to pay a visit to a friend’s newly opened cafe – SPARK COFFEE + CRAFTS

Since its opening on February 18 of this year, I have heard nothing but praises about this cafe. And to my surprise, one of the partners is actually my kababataJIMMU. Well technically he’s family since he is the first cousin of my first cousin – errrr, did that even make any sense? So we’re like, sort of cousins. So I definitely had to go pay a visit and to show my support for Jimmu and his partners.


SPARK COFFEE + CRAFTS is not your ordinary coffee shop. What sets this apart from other coffee shops in Davao City is that it is also an arts and crafts store at the same time. This concept is the product of the creative minds of five cousins who are now the partners/owners of the cafe – Karina Melissa Ibabao-Cadiogan, Katrina Marie Ibabao – Munar, John Lawrence Galang, Kenji Caday and Jimmu Yoshida. Each partner has his or her own role in running the coffee shop. Karina is in charge of marketing and crafts, Jimmu is in charge of the food and Katrina helps him out, Lawrence is the resident barista and supervisor, while Kenji is in charge of the logistics.

Upon entering the cafe, I first thought of it as very small. But when I got the chance to sit down and take a good look at the place thoroughly, it’s not that small at all. The cafe can accommodate a range of 15-20 people at the same time.


Before I talk about their food, allow me to mention the cute art materials being displayed for sale at a small corner of the cafe. These used to be sold through an online shop but they wanted to display it on a physical store instead. Colored pens, highlighters, calligraphy items and other hard-to-find art materials are just some of the items being sold at SPARK COFFEE + CRAFTS.

In line with the artsy theme, the cafe also holds various art, calligraphy and photography workshops in collaboration with local artists and photographers from Davao City. Schedules for these are posted on the cafe’s Facebook page.


Various Art Materials for Sale
For Calligraphy Enthusiasts


Art Wall

The cafe has an ART WALL made of strong steel hung on the side that features the various artworks of a local artist. For the month of March, they featured the art styles of Russet Cainglet. The ones being displayed are also up for sale. For the month of April, some photos taken by BR Productions will be featured on the art wall.

That’s what I like about this ART WALL concept – it gives local artists and photographers a venue to showcase their talents for a whole month and how SPARK COFFEE + CRAFTS gives support to our local artists. This is a win-win for both the cafe and the artists. The artists profit from sales via the cafe and the cafe gets different wall displays every month.


Ah yes, let’s move on to my favorite topic. FOOD!


Before going to the cafe, I asked Jimmu with what his recommendations are. He recommended getting the Iced Caramel Macchiato for the drinks and FRENCHEESE for the food. I trust the chef himself and this is what I ordered.

Iced Caramel Macchiato – Php 125
Frencheese – Php 165


AND OH EM GEE! LIKE SERIOUSLY! When I took just one sip of the ICM, I was SOLD! The sweetness of the caramel was just perfect! And it went very well with my FRENCHEESE order. For those who really know me, I am a big fan of anything that has CHEESE on, in, and under it. This order was definitely the right choice for a cheese fan like me and it did not disappoint at all. It was love at every single bite. As for the serving size, it was so generous that I was already able to share it with MR. A but I still had a bit of FRENCHEESE left because I was already full.

As for MR. A, he ordered his usual staple, ICED CAFE MOCHA and CHICKEN FAJITAS SANDWICH

Iced Cafe Mocha – Php 125
Chicken Fajitas Sandwich – Php 185


As expected, MR. A was also satisfied with his Iced Cafe Mocha. I’ve heard him complain about other Iced Cafe Mochas of other coffee shops but he didn’t complain about this even one bit. And mind you, he finished his drink way faster than I did. That pretty much says it all.

Chicken Fajitas torched to perfection

As for the Fajitas, Jimmu mentioned that it isn’t really popular compared to the Frencheese. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This CHICKEN FAJITAS SANDWICH is amazing! It’s really delicious. There’s a generous amount of chicken plus cheese all over the sandwich. It’s not complete without the vegetables, of course. I mean really, WHY??? I’m telling you, it’s good. It’s so good that the FAJITAS were our topic as we went home afterwards. Seriously you guys, this is just the bomb! Definitely a must try. I kid you not!



Instagrammable (as the Millennials call it), cozy place, good GREAT food, arts and crafts – what more can you ask from this lovely cafe? It has it all. We will be back for sure. I want to try the other offerings on their menu but it can be expected that we will order, again, the CHICKEN FAJITAS SANDWICH. It won our hearts instantly! Oh, and a FRENCHEESE to go also sounds like a good idea.


SPARK COFFEE + CRAFTS is located at Unit 56C Paseo Uno Building, Ruby Corner Opal Street, Marfori, Davao City

They are open from Mondays to Saturdays at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can also visit their Facebook page at

Special thanks to my good friend Jimmu and his cousins for accommodating all my questions. We’ll be back for sure.



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