Awwww… time to work again. Currently at lunch break while writing this blog. I just got back from a 3-day Christmas break and now I’m back to work. I honestly had a hard time getting up today. I just feel that 3 days is not enough to really enjoy the holiday season. But then again, you gotta do what you gotta do – WORK!

So Christmas 2016 was definitely fun. This weekend was all about family. It’s different now once a person gets married because the holidays should be equally divided between two families. On the morning ’til afternoon of the 24th, we spent it at my folks’ home in Skyline. It was a simple gathering just my dad, mom, sister and Mr. A and I… oh, and Perdita, of course! We just sat at my parents’ 28 year old table and talked about anything under the sun. My mom didn’t cook anything fancy but we sure had a lot to eat – 5-kilo ham, two whole chickens, pancit and sweet and sour fish from New Davao Famous Restaurant and desserts that were given as gifts to us from friends and family.

We wanted to spend the night there but my grandmother in law was coming home that same day so we wanted to spend time with her too. So we went home around 7 in the  evening and spent the rest of the holidays with her and my in laws. On the 25th, can you guess where we had our family dinner? OH yes… at the New Davao Famous Restaurant. That restaurant is definitely the family’s favorite.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of this year’s Christmas but that’s the thing… I was so busy with family time that I barely had time to grab my phone and camera. And I think that matters more. Family is indeed everything.

I can’t wait for New Year weekend – which is longer than the Christmas weekend. So yeah, looking forward to more family bonding time with my loved ones.


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