I personally have always been a supporter of small time entrepreneurs. These are people who don’t own a physical shop – just an online shop, and make money by either buy and sell or who are talented enough to make personalized stuff or cook/bake delicious goodies. Aside from those who have an online shop, I also buy from sellers who can be found on the sidewalks, riding bikes calling out the names of their products, or those who go office to office to sell their products.

I support these entrepreneurs because these are people who don’t have enough capital to have their own physical store. So they seek the help of technology or simply by doing extra effort selling their products, braving the streets and the heat of the sun just to earn for their families. And I know that what they are doing is not easy.

For this Christmas, Mr. A and I decided to patronize and buy from a guy who goes to our office every Friday and sells different kakanin and other goodies. His name is Kuya Ryan and he and his wife work hand in hand in making all these delicious goodies that he sells around Downtown, Davao City.

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He sells puto, kutchinta, sweet corn maja, chocolate cake, mango float, durian float, macaroons, cookies, mango sago and buko pandan just to name a few. He also sells a 2-month old cake which others claim taste really good as the cake ages.

I always buy buko pandan from him every Friday. And my personal favorite among his other delicacies is the sweet corn maja, which I buy for my family when we visit during the weekend. For this Christmas season, I decided to order 24 boxes of assorted Puto worth 65 pesos each as our gifts to the messengers and guards of the bank I work in.

Kuya Ryan was beaming when I told him I wanted to order 24 boxes of Puto as gifts. He immediately wrote my orders on his little notebook. I asked him to give it to me on the 21st so that it will be nearer on Christmas Day. Can’t wait to give these to the messengers and guards and also keep one for myself.

I hope that you will also help a small entrepreneur. It would really mean a lot to them especially during this Christmas season and make their Christmas merrier. Go out and buy novelty gift items from somebody on the street and don’t mine the cost if it’s a bit more expensive that the ones sold in malls. What is a few pesos you can spare compared to the amount you earn in a month with your salary.

“Nobody ever becomes poor in giving”


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