I saw a post on Facebook from one of my friends stating that they need donations like dog food, plastic cups, water, food, etc for an upcoming feeding program for stray dogs and cats on December 10, Saturday. They also need volunteers as well.

I personally want to volunteer. I lost two of my dogs just this year and they were both from stray dog parents. That is why stray dogs have a place in my heart. Oh, and stray cat as well. Mr. A and I own a very lovely Persian Cat named Perdita. Although she is not a stray, but those cats who barely have anything to eat are same with her. These strays also need special attention and love too.

I know it is impossible for us to take in every stray dog and cat in Davao City. But the least we could do is help out those who, same with us, have the passion to help out our voiceless loyal furry friends.

Mr. A and I decided to donate 150 plastic cups. I asked Ms. Anya Alcazaren how many they need and she said they need 150 cups for the volunteers. I also saw in her post that many have pledged dog food as well.


150 plastic cups on hand

I would like to commend Ms. Anya Alcazaren and all those who continue to help the stray dogs and cats of Davao City. Like I said, these are voiceless creatures that, just like human beings, need love, have basic needs, and are loyal. They deserve to live in this world and be treated fairly.

Should you wish to help, you may look up Ms. Anya Alcazaren’s name on Facebook and coordinate with her for future donations. Even the smallest deed, if multiplied by many, can go a very long way.


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