Christmas is just around the corner. Errrr… technically like 19 days ’til Christmas. So we, the Angliongtos, decided to start our what we coin as “Spring Cleaning” wherein we check our closets and take out the clothes we don’t wear anymore and either sell these or give these to somebody else. This is a good way to start the next year with less stuff and make room for new ones.

Now we’re not talking about clothes that have been ripped and torn over the years. These are clothes that were either rarely worn or have never been worn at all. Would you believe that I was able to collect 70+ pieces of clothing from my 2 racks and closet? And while I was assessing each piece of clothing, almost half were never worn yet but unfortunately, won’t fit me anymore. I decided to ask my nephew’s mother to sell it to her officemates and friends and just give me a small amount for each piece of clothing.

70 pieces of clothing

As for Mr. A, we were able to get around almost 20 pieces of clothing from his closet. Same with me, some have never been worn and some were slightly used. All the clothes are still in very good condition. Mark decided to give these to our messengers and guards at the bank where I work. We personally picked each clothing, estimated the sizes and if the design suited the person we were going to give the clothes to. We didn’t just want give the clothes for the sake of giving but we really wanted to make it more personal.

So I brought the clothes to the bank the next day and gave it to three people – Kokong (my messenger), Ondo (Mark’s former messenger) and Chief Ben (my favorite guard). Their faces were really priceless when I handed the plastics over to them. They were so happy and I was really happy as well. The next day, Ondo and Kokong wore the shirts that we gave them. And they looked good!dsc_0449_1dsc_0510_1

And you know what’s another good thing about clothes spring cleaning? HANGERS!

See, it’s that many hangers that were freed from clothing. And these hangers can now be used for clothes that we will have in the near future.


For those who are reading this, we would like to encourage you to start your very own “SPRING CLEANING”. I’m sure you have lots of things, not only limited to clothing, that you can share with others who might need them more. Maybe for us, those things may not be of much worth anymore but to others, they will become treasures.


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