MRS. A Awwww… time to work again. Currently at lunch break while writing this blog. I just got back from a 3-day Christmas break and now I’m back to work. I honestly had a hard time getting up today. I just feel that 3 days is not enough to really enjoy the holiday season. But … More HOLIDAZE


MRS. A I personally have always been a supporter of small time entrepreneurs. These are people who don’t own a physical shop – just an online shop, and make money by either buy and sell or who are talented enough to make personalized stuff or cook/bake delicious goodies. Aside from those who have an online … More THE ANGLIONGTOS GIVE BACK | SUPPORT SMALL ENTREPRENEURS


MRS. A Christmas is just around the corner. Errrr… technically like 19 days ’til Christmas. So we, the Angliongtos, decided to start our what we coin as “Spring Cleaning” wherein we check our closets and take out the clothes we don’t wear anymore and either sell these or give these to somebody else. This is … More SPRING CLEANING